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JARDIN KEYS by Le Jardin Collection


Unlock your imagination and join us to somewhere between reality and fantasy. Envision your wonderful paradise with bed of sunflowers, magical mushrooms, dancing bees & dragon flies. Fall asleep on the deep grass, dream of squirrels running up the birdhouse hanging on apple trees.


An enchanted secret garden, a girl that discovers the secret garden and blossoms anew in this fascinating imagination, unlock the secret garden with Jardin key


In green gloom of forests, where the hidden fairies scatter, save by the hand that finds the secret key. Inspired by the key to the secret garden, Jardin Keys is uniquely designed to be worn as bracelet, as well as pendant when detach.


Jardin Keys are available from Le Jardin collection.  



Exclusive flower charm when you purchase any of the Jardin Keys bracelet.


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