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About Us

Established in 1999, Diamond & Platinum is a subsidiary of the renowned DeGem Group of Companies. Diamond & Platinum has an illustrious history of creating beautiful jewellery that celebrate your precious moments, and more importantly, make them all that more special and memorable.

Diamond & Platinum is on a constant rise, and it is evident from the milestones achieved. From its humble beginnings, Diamond & Platinum has grown rapidly and today, we operate 11 stores all over Malaysia and Brunei.

Diamond & Platinum is known for having the largest collection of Pt950 Platinum wedding bands in Malaysia. Together with our exclusive luxe-brand, Estrella Diamond, we have become one of Malaysia’s leading household brand names in jewellery retailing.

Time and again, we’ve proven to be a brand that resonates with customers, thanks to our unwavering commitment to producing quality, reliable, creative, and beautiful designs throughout the decades.

Our Values

At Diamond & Platinum, we are constantly evolving. We evolve to stay ahead, to better serve your wants, and to deliver stunning products that will enhance your valuable bonds with your loved ones. 

We hold our tagline, “Celebrating Life's Most Precious Moments” dear to our hearts. It is also a promise. Our promise to deliver an exemplary Diamond & Platinum experience to one customer at a time, and the promise of greater things to come. 

Big things have small beginnings, and ours come in the shape of precious diamonds and gems.
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